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lead generation by phone?

The position of telemarketing as part of the marketing: Marketing
does so, that the company's products oriented and service offerings to the needs and requirements of customers. Telemarketing is a tool for management of current and future customers. Telephone conversations with customers and prospects should be conducted as a partnership dialogues.

telephone marketing
= customer-oriented thinking
cooperative dialogue
+ + targeted, positive influence

Lead Successful campaigns with telemarketing in the ICT industry?
Every business needs new customers, especially in the ICT industry replaced ever so brilliant website is not a personal contact and this all the more the need of explanation and high-priced products and services.

- New quality leads for the sales crew
- visit appointments with potential new customers
- follow this up: New orders

The phone is the fastest, most direct and most profitable way to your customers, because with this medium in are able to use your professional sales success, cost and time saving to prepare! And you know after every call, whether the customer is advised to know whether he has potential and when he intends to implement a project.
Experience has shown that telephone-acquisition often a "sideline" operation - the reasons for this are varied, as one of the reasons is the fear of rejection at the first contact! This fear may be justified, because the first contact by telemarketing is the most sensitive and most difficult step to take in so many new customers and sellers the sweat on his forehead. For your partner for cooperation arises as you introduce yourself at the first contact and the presentation of your product or service is limited to their verbal presentation. However
is often confused with telemarketing sales, aiming in a first contact is not about sales but about the development of new prospects with the result of a lasting business relationship. And here is not just technology 'in demand but rather the human aspect, namely friendliness, competence, the right tone and individual conversations with your partner.
phone acquisition or telemarketing must be run with system and takes time, consistency, discipline and above all an ideal preparation. Telemarketing is often still neglected - although the investment in a telemarketing project - carried out professionally - your sales dramatically increase.
The three rules of success:
products and services offered by which your potential customers a direct benefit or contribute to a current problem solution!
the right audience advise!
have the right arguments and references on hand, respectively. TRUE calling you to and ask the right questions!

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